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First of all, thank you for visiting our site and expressing interest in working with us. We’re really excited about having you on board.

Mark & Emily, or otherwise known as Around The Orbis, are a pair of bloggers with a passion for all things travel. We have a strong pull towards adventure, photography, filmmaking, volunteering, food and a good hostel/hotel! (Basically anything away from the office back in the UK!)

Our blog is specifically directed towards travelers, both young and old, who want reviews of incredible locations, adrenaline pumped adventures to enjoy, amazing foods to eat, as well as our expert advice on equipment, photography and all the little bits and bobs needed to ensure trips go smoothly! We feel like we’re in a position to help others due to our experience traveling the world in various forms since 2012, be that backpacking, volunteering, island hoping or AirBnB’ing it around Europe.

We love to document our cherished experiences through photo and film as well as writing, which allows our loyal readers to relive our adventures and inspire themselves to do the same! We love experiencing as many new cultures as possible, and this allows us to meet so many extraordinary people from sometimes polar opposite walks of life.

Around The Orbis are dedicated to telling stories through travel, and we tell these stories across so many different platforms (it’s easy to loose count!). While our blog is new and up and coming, our social media platforms are well established! This is reflected in being honored as a Top 500 Travel Blogger and an ever improving Klout Score of 45.5*. We have over 10,000* followers between our various platforms, including Instagram (@markshirran & @em_holm), Facebook (@aroundtheorbis), Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, Trip Advisor, HostelWorld, etc. We feel that by having our own Instagram accounts, both recognised as influencers in the travel blogger community with fantastic engagement, we can offer a wider reach and impact!

We would both be proud to represent and share your brand/product with our faithful readers and the travel community and we believe that our fresh and original content can be a great platform to boost your brand.

Our background in Digital Marketing and Photography puts us in a fantastic position to provide professional, inventive and creative images, videos and reviews. All of our images and videos are professionally edited using the best editing software, and can be tailored to very specific requirements.

As up-and-coming travel bloggers, our rates are very competitive which means this is a great time to work with us as our influence and reach is increasing every day!

If you would like your product, brand, hotel, logo, etc, to be published on our site/social media then please get in touch with us! We’d be happy to have a conversation about your ideas and see how we can best help you!

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