5 Ways to Ace Your City Break

Around The Orbis | Valtva River, Prague

5 Ways to Ace Your City Break

Here are 5 simple steps we have put together to ensure that you get the most out of your city break!

Get accommodation in the perfect location.

It is always important when only staying somewhere for a short period of time, to make sure you don’t spend half of the weekend walking backwards and forwards to your accommodation. Not all accommodation is expensive near the city centre. In places like Prague and Budapest with some good research you can often find hostels for around £20 a night. Some being as good quality as a hotel.

If you want to save money on food and spend more on experiences or the occasional fancy dinner, get a hostel with a kitchen. This will allow you to buy food from the local supermarket and cook it at home, at least halving what you would have spent at a restaurant.

Most hostels are also more than willing to direct you to the best club, cafe or bike hire, with free maps often available. Although some of the best places are found my accident!

Embrace the local culture

It’s absolutely tragic to go all the way across Europe, to then just get a burger for dinner or a McMuffin for breakfast. Obviously if KFC is the only option you can see after a 3 hour flight then that’s fair enough (guilty). You will come to appreciate the country you are in more and fully immerse yourself, if you are also eating their food. Sometimes you will get it wrong and order something you end up hating, but at least you’ll know for next time! We once ordered two pizzas in Rome and they came with no tomato or cheese on it, so it was basically garlic bread! The waiter also looked horrified when I asked for some mayo. It’s safe to say we ordered pasta next time.

We stumbled upon this traditional Czech food market as we were lost on the way back from seeing the John Lennon Wall in Prague. We ended up going back for lunch here the next day!

On our city break to Iceland, we were directed to ‘Icelandic Fish & Chips’ after asking the receptionist at our hotel where we should go for out first ever meal in the country! It was located right on the harbour and started snowing just as we got in! The fish was amazing and was probably the freshest we have ever had. Always trust the locals!

Icelandic Fish and Chips - How To Ace Your City Break
Prague Food Market

Be Prepared

We aren’t fans of planning everything when travelling. It’s more often than not you will fall in love with one place and hate another, and you’ll want to be able to change your plans! But sometimes when you only have three or four days in one place then it’s essential to do, so you don’t waste time being unprepared. If you really hate planning, then just prioritise the different elements you want to do. Writing a list of the sights and places you definitely want to see or eat at, means you are prepared, but still gives you the flexibility to do that list whenever you want! It’s always worth reading a few travel blogs on where you’re going to just get a few different opinions on the place. For anyone heading to Rome any time soon, check out out city break blog here!

Go Slow

Yes, theres a lot to fit into one weekend, but don’t burn yourself out!

If you feel like having a little nap after one long sight seeing session, don’t feel guilty about it. You go take that nap. You deserve it.

If you don’t rest when you feel like you need to, it will just make you more and more tired throughout the weekend, making every night an early one. It sounds silly, like your running a marathon or something, but pace yourself. Balance the activities. If you feel like you’ve done a lot of walking one day, have a chilled night at the hostel or go for a meal. The days you do more calm sight seeings like cool parks or good picture taking spots, then go out out that evening! If you plan the weekend before you go this will also be easier to do. Sometimes you just say ‘lets just do that tomorrow’ and you find yourself checking our of your hostel and running around the city, doing all the last minute things you wanted to do, but put off!

Chat to your hostel reception

Some of the best places we have been to eat or go for a drink, have been recommended by the hostel staff. They know the easiest routes, the cheapest cafes and the best sunrise spots! They are obviously locals, so you get to find out where the people who live in the area, actually think is good to go. If you like being away from the usual tourist crowds too then they are the people to ask. As they aren’t getting any money from you anyway, they will tell you the truth!  If we hadn’t spoken to reception we wouldn’t have ever found out about the amazing 32″ takeaway pizzas in Prague!

Around The Orbis | Pizza in Prague

 Do you have any other tips that were useful during your trip?

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